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Fine Gastronomy Limited Edition Iberian Ham, Vintage Year 2014

Introducing the Fine Gastronomy Limited Edition Iberian Ham, Vintage Year 2014 This is the seventh consecutive year we present our Limited Edition Iberian hams. On this occasion, we have only selected 55 hams among all the pieces we have attentively [...]

Seal M.A.P.A of Iberian hams: The ID of the hams.

Do you know the seal M.A.P.A of Iberian hams? M.A.P.A. stands for Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación, the Spanish Department for Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment. If we know how to interpret the seal M.A.P.A (Ministry of Agriculture, [...]


Black, dark brown, blond, spotted…when we are talking about the Ibérico Pig we are actually referring to an autochthonous breed group pertaining to several lineages that are grouped together in what is known as the Ibérico Trunk. [...]


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