The most important festivity of summer in Spain is deserving of the best of our gastronomy: FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham.

No matter where you are, at the beach, in the sierra, in a little village, in the city, on holidays or just arrived home from your vacation, on this date, 15 August, we would like to present you with a very simple recipe that is worthy of the greatest of days. And to top it off we make it as easy as pie (keep in mind most of us are on holidays and there is no need to give up five hours of our precious time cooking away).

The essential ingredient for this recipe is FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham in its practical already hand-sliced packages. The rest of the recipe is also on hand wherever you may be. Since we are still in Guijuelo, we will add the typical bread that is made in this area and an intense-tasting Virgin Olive Oil corresponding to the Ocal and Manzanilla Cacereña varietals from the Sierra de Francia. This puts an end to the ingredients of this lofty gastronomic pleasure: Bread, Olive Oil and FISAN.  

Preparation is incredibly simple. Now that it is nice and warm all over the place, take a package of sliced ham out of the fridge with sufficient time to let it reach room temperature when you are ready to serve it. Open it just five minutes before serving. Slice the bread thinly, add a few drops of Virgin Olive Oil and finish it off with a few slices of hand-carved FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham.

Simple as that. In fact, so simple you just can’t beat it. An ode of joy to this product that represents our gastronomic excellence throughout the globe on a festivity of such importance in our country.

Have a happy day!