We will be able to enjoy the results of the 2016-2017 montanera in the upcoming weeks.

One of Guijuelo’s traditional sayings is that “when the wheat in the fields turns yellow, the acorn-fed chorizo is mature in the cellar”. Thus, since the middle of May most everybody in our Villa is gazing towards the hills that surround us. And thus year after year. And this is because what we call our “Campaign” acorn-fed sausage meats, those that first reach maturity in the cellars, represent the definitive proof of the work that all of us at FISAN invest into the previous months, both during the montanera (free-range grazing period), as well as in its production and curing in our own facilities. 

This 2016-2017 campaign has been a late one and, in our case, an excellent one thanks to the Double Montanera we have carried out. From the very beginning we have been able to select the choice pieces of presas (shoulder cut), plumas (tenderloin flank), crucetas (cross-cut)… the noble pieces of the Ibérico Pig meat, to include them into our Acorn-Fed and Gran Reserva Sausage Meats.   

And of course the marinade is unique for each type of sausage meat and different for the loins as well. Each recipe, family secret actually, uses spices and condiments of premium quality. Salt from the Torrevieja saltworks, Jaraíz garlic, black pepper from Malaga or sweet and hot paprika from the Vera. Apart from these, since a few years ago the FISAN Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed Salchichón also includes a touch of Black Truffle in its recipe.   

This year all our sausage meats and Ibérico acorn-fed loins will be at their perfect point just a bit sooner than usual, reason being that the climate has been particularly dry in the last few months. 

Be on the look out for the news on the 2017 Campaign Sausage Meats in our newsletter and social networks. We will soon be informing you on exactly when the perfect moment to enjoy it arrives. Yum yummy!!!