This year’s Acorn Campaign closed yesterday, March 31, and with a spectacular result.  

As we have been telling you in the post that was dedicated to the 2015-2016 Montanera (free-range period), this year’s Montanera has been one of suspense; as it did indeed have us very much in the air right through the months of September and October, when following an extremely dry spring and a sweltering summer, the meadowlands were simply not receiving enough water in these very crucial months.  

Fortunately, however, for the abundance of acorns that the Holm oaks were boasting, during the last week of October abundant rainfall was recorded, allowing life to return to the fields and hence conceding the fruits, which were very small, the capacity to reach their optimal size in just a few days. This made it possible for the Montanera to be one of quality and extraordinary amount, changing the highly uncertain perspectives into a reality that is more than satisfactory.  

Also, the warm temperatures throughout the entire winter have favoured and brought about the fattening of the drift of Ibérico Pigs at a rate that by far surpassed that of past years, leading to a collapse in the slaughterhouses that had never been seen before, turning this slaughter campaign into one of the most complicated that we can recall. Indeed this has been an effort; however, it has been an effort that at FISAN we consider is truly more than worth it, as the great quality of the specimens received during these winter months allows us to foresee the outcome in the shape of excellent Acorn products.  

The result of this Acorn Campaign is now peacefully resting in our drying sheds. Awaiting in their future, years of silence and care to ensure the curing of our Ibérico Hams and Shoulder Hams. And, fortunately, only a few months to go before we can enjoy the first Ibérico Acorn-Fed Loins and Sausage Meats. We will, of course, keep you duly updated! 😉