A new scientific study has come to prove the cardiovascular goodness of Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham.  

Dr. José Sabán has directed a study at the Endothelium and Cardiometabolic Medicine Unit of the Ramón y Cajal Hospital with subjects aged 25 and 55, with the intention of determining the effect that daily consumption of 50 grams of Ibérico Ham can have, creating a research team with two groups amongst the subjects that consumed acorn-fed Ibérico Ham and other grain-fed Ibérico hams. 

The results of the study have indeed been very positive and both groups showed an improvement in their endothelium function. (The endothelium is a type of epithelium that lines the interior surface of blood vessels and inflammation is the origin of most cardiovascular problems). «We have verified that consumption of 50 grams of Ibérico Ham a day during a period of six weeks improves the endothelium, apart from having a positive effect on memory and the benefits are maintained even after consuming it», are some of the conclusions reached by the Director of the study, Dr. José Sabán.

The conclusion of this study, also, contradicts a few popular opinions. This is because the study proves that moderate and continuous consumption does not lead to weight gain, does not elevate triglycerides and does not increase blood pressure.  

In order to discard the results from arising from other food products, consumption of other food products rich in antioxidants such as olive oil, red wine, black chocolate, green tea and red berries was expressly reduced.   

These positive effects were also accentuated amongst consumers of acorn-fed ham as opposed to consumers of grain-fed ham. The explanation resides in animals’ diet which provides polyphenols, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects at a vascular level. And these polyphenols are found in a greater proportion in the acorns and, therefore, in the animals that consume these fruits in abundance. 

At any rate, vanguard science once again confirms popular wisdom: fifty grams of FISAN Acorn-Fed Ham a day will bring much joy to your heart. Literally!!! 

Sources: Instituto Europero de la Obesidad (INMEO (European Association for the Study of Obesity)), ABC.es, agroinformacion.com.

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