FISAN’s participation at this edition of Alimentaria has been characterised by the pairing sessions with the best classic classics and cutting edge wines.  

At this edition of the main trade fair dedicated to the food market that is held in our country, our participation has been guided by the innovative spirit that has distinguished the event. If the “Alimentaria Experience” involved a great space dedicated to harmonization of the attending public with the gastronomic experience, our four days of participation were overflowing with variety in that pertaining to pairings and combinations that highlight the nature of our products.  

On the one part, our presence at the Matarromera Group stand, apart from representing an experience bursting with good times, has also allowed us to pair our GRAN RESERVA FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham with a tremendous variety of wines from the Matorromera Group, all of them of premium quality. To start off, the more classic of them: the red wines, with their maximum expression residing in the Matorromera Gran Reserva wine and the Matarromera Especial 25 Aniversario wine. Two combinations that paired with our GR FISAN Ham turn out to be a classic on the palate and in our memory bank. The surprise in this case arose with the pairing of other FISAN flavours with these age-old red wines. More specifically, the combination of these extraordinary wines with GR FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Chorizo. This apparently simple proposal turned out to be a renovating experience, yet with a result that was far removed from simplicity.   

We also had the enormous pleasure of experiencing a pairing that was anything but traditional, represented in two verdejo wines offered by Matorromera at their stand. The first was the Matorromera Verdejo 25 Aniversario, which with notes appearing due to its fermentation in casks, pairs with utmost “respect” with our GRAN RESERVA FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham, with the main notes of each one of them standing out upon tasting of the combination and without any of them concealing each of the others. On the other hand the Melior Verdejo turned out to be absolutely ideal when combined with our FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Loin, resulting in a very upbeat pairing due to the richness of aromas that come into play.  

During the morning of April 1st we also participated in the presentation of “Lola”, the new Cava from Bodega Paco & Lola, presented to us with the design of Jordi Dalmau. This new sparkling wine made with the traditional varietals used for cava (Xarel•lo, Macabeu and Parellada) is beautifully represented and very fine on the palate; it is simply perfect to be combined with our GR FISAN Ham. This pairing with cava is turning out to be one of the important trends in as far as pairing of Acorn-Fed Ibérico products is concerned.  

In summary, this year our participation at Alimentaria 2014 has opened up new paths in that pertaining to a combination of flavours and pairing. Make sure you share these new experiences with us. It is truly worthwhile.