This year, at FISAN’s stand, we have presented samples of vintage years 2015 and 2016. We also offered the most exclusive product of the three-day event: acorn-fed ham of the best quality that has been cured for 11 years.


Begoña Rodrigo, from restaurant La Salita in Valencia. She created three dishes using FISAN acorn-fed products: a taco made with jicama, a white edible tuber, and FISAN acorn-fed ‘Secreto’ (special cut well hid behind the pork’s shoulder); parsley root glazed in butter made with mushrooms and pecorino cheese; lastly, a pickled lettuce heart served with FISAN acorn-fed sirloin

steak in a sauce made with ‘collaret’ peanuts.

The chef admitted she preferred eating acorn-fed ham when “it’s freshly cut, without anything else, it’s delicious”. At FISAN, we think that is the best way indeed.

Other people we had the great privilege of talking to were Maria José Martínez, from the Lienzo Restaurant; along with Ramón Freixa, Enrique Cadulch and Carlos Moro, who offered us some wine. Together, we enjoyed our Fine Gastronomy Ham accompanied with a drop of both Emina and Carlos Moro Rioja wines.


Tuesday 29th was an intense day. At midday, the Vida y Comida restaurant from Salamanca surprised everyone with a ‘Dim Sum made with FISAN Iberian pork jowl’. The chefs gave it an Iberian touch by changing the typical Asian Xiaolongbao bread for thin slices of cured pork jowl and filling the dim sum with FISAN acorn-fed pork shoulder.

After a while, Jesús Hernández from the one-Michelin-starred Tierra Restaurant, located at the Valdepalacios Hotel, presented three tapas created alongside his team. A sandwich with FISAN acorn-fed ham and Manchego cheese; a tomato and acorn-fed pork loin tartare on toast with fig and garlic creméux; and acorn-fed chorizo with white chocolate creméux coated in dark chocolate.

Ricard Camarena, José Carlos Fuentes, Sergio Bastard, Joaquin Felipe and Ferrán Centelles paid us a visit to sample our vintage 2016, but they found our vintage 2008 acorn-fed ham instead. They all agreed that only raw material of the highest quality could retain and develop both its aroma and taste after curing for eleven years. They also noticed the results of our careful process, performed with the requisite patience to produce and preserve acorn-fed ham.


Wednesday 30th was an international and very special day. The presentation of the 2nd Foro del Ibérico (Iberian ham forum), which will take place in Salamanca on the 28th and 29th October 2019, and of course FISAN won’t miss it. We also welcomed His Excellency the Mayor of Salamanca, Mr Carlos García Carbayo, who came accompanied by Mr Julio López Revuelta, the Councillor for Tourism. Both of them were there to show that the city of Salamanca supports its local gastronomy. Afterwards, the day became international with a visit from three-Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn from San Francisco, USA. During a quite pleasant chat, she shared with us that one of her favourite dishes for breakfast were eggs with chorizo; she will soon enjoy it with FISAN chorizo. More visitors spent some time at our stall that day: Pedro Mario from El Ermitaño restaurant in Benavente (in the Spanish province of Zamora), Rafa Peña from the Gresca restaurant in Barcelona and Yolanda García from the Alejandro restaurant in Almería.

We are proud to say that this edition of Madrid Fusión 2019 has been an absolute success. We are ready for the next edition, which will coincide with FISAN’s 100-year anniversary!