Juan Echanove, Chef Sergio Fernández and Rafael Ansón presented the “Spanish National Team of the Professional Cooking Association”. FISAN’s La Roja.

The event was held at the prestigious San Miguel Market, with the participation of the actor and gastronomer Juan Echanove as sponsor of the event, and with the closing moment to the account of the President of the National Team, Rafael Ansón, in turn President of the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronomy.

Echanove kicked off the festive and emotional event by underscoring, «with this National Cooking Team I truly hope that the warm feeling and the success that our country enjoys in sports will be extensive to gastronomy». On his part Ansón mentioned the high quality of Spanish gastronomy as being the best in the world, likewise including the Brand Spain, to which the Royal Academy of Gastronomy is attached, and he hoped that the National Team will also collaborate in spreading this concept throughout the world, finally praising the good work that the organisation has carried out so that this initiative can now be a truly significant reality.

The Master of Ceremonies of the Official Presentation of the National Team, organisation that counts with the sponsorship of the World Gastronomy Institute and the express support of the Art and Gastronomy Foundation, was the popular television chef celebrity Sergio Fernández who, in turn, is also the Technical Director of the National Team. To Sergio’s command of “Calling the order, got it?”, all the members of the High Competition Team started to march out, decked up in their red jackets, with their names and numbers embroidered on the back and front, as is the case with the best national sports teams. The young, yet experienced team of chefs, was warmly encouraged by the technical team, the organisation’s staff and by many personalities from the Spanish world of gastronomy, amongst whom it would be difficult to highlight only one, as the attendance and support were outstanding, by far exceeding that expected by the organisation and the San Miguel Market, which is more than used to hosting popular presentations. As an example, enough said by mentioning that the Presidents of most of the regional Gastronomy Academies were in attendance and about half a dozen Spanish and international Organisations and Institutions, such as the one represented by Ragnar Fridriksson, General Manager of WACS, World Association Chef Societies, the greatest global association of chefs, which counts with more than ten million members and is the institution that regulates the most preponderant international competitions, and in which as of now Spain is formally renowned at the highest of levels, as could not be otherwise given the high level of Spanish gastronomy and of its National Cooking Team, and as was more than acknowledged by the representative of the WACS himself when he said: «the Spanish National Team of the Professional Cooking Association has already proven itself in the classifying contests and in the Southern European contest held in Greece that it is a steadfast candidate to win whatever it wants to. At WACS we are very proud of the fact that teams with such a high level and so beautifully organised will be participating and competing for the World Cup and in the competitions sponsored by WACS».

Ibéricos FISAN also participated in the event, along with another series of companies that were sponsoring and collaborating, from amongst which Cárnicas Morán is to be underscored. José Manuel Iglesias, Director General of the National Team also greeted the members of the Honour Committee in the name of the organisation, and likewise the different media groups that were involved, along with relevant personalities from the Spanish world of gastronomy and renowned society personalities.  

On her part Marianela Olivares, Vice President of the Organisation highlighted «the support in attendance received from the Academic Committee, formed by executives and representatives of the Ferran Adrià Chair of the Camilo José Cela University, the International Mediterranean Gastronomy Chair of the UCAM, the Escuela Superior de Hostelería y Turismo of Madrid, the University of Barcelona, Spanish Society of International Studies, the Food Technology Departments of the University of Murcia, University of Saragossa, Technical University of Valencia, University of Malaga and University of Extremadura, along with the express and direct collaboration of the Indaga Network (Innovation, Research and Development applied to Gastronomy), the most important group in as far as Food Research Centres go.  

“La Roja” of the Kitchen: Next world champion?

The National Team came out with the best of prospects, as it is thanks to the basic work carried out by Carlos Durán, Captain of the National Team, and the expertise of the entire competing team that it has obtained the classification in previous competitions in order to pass over to the final phase of the Chefs’ World Cup in Milan, for the Junior World Cop that is to be held in Costa Rica and also be selected for the Salon Culinaire Mondial in Switzerland, where only the ten best teams of the world compete. According to Durán the secret resides in «the high level of connection and understanding between the team, among the High Competition Team Chefs, the technical staff and organisational staff, with all of whom he would literally go to the end of the world with, all working in the same direction, to win the World Cup and everything else that comes up». A human team that currently counts «with more than twenty professionals and close to a hundred collaborators», according to what David Basilio, Secretary General, commented. In order to cover the structural and logistic costs of this Team -legally constituted as a Non Profit Organisation- Basilio stated that  «having currently finished the structure, classification and public presentation phases, as of the upcoming month of May new information will be coming out in order to win-over and handle the sponsorships, all this within the most orthodox of fundraising parameters and in accordance to the current Spanish legislation in matters related with Sponsorship and Patronage; to begin with we already count with the attention of different brands that have shown enormous interest in promoting their image with the Spanish National Team of the Professional Cooking Association, in which the enthusiasm that the Spanish high competition team and the gastronomic theme generates come together, which is also very highly distinctive of the Brand Spain».

Goal: to promote and spread the word on Spanish cuisine

However, not all is limited to winning championships. One of the endeavours that are to be undertaken by the National Team is promoting and spreading the word on Spanish cuisine, its professionals, products and preparations, both within and beyond our borders; and in order to advance along this line, apart from handling all the commitments on the international competition calendar, from amongst the different activities that the National Team will undertake appears the organisation of a series of provincial competitions in Spain so as to select the chefs for the National Team, all this in collaboration with different prestigious schools and giving the professionals and advanced students an opportunity to gain access to high level competition. The National Team will also participate in exhibitions, tours, show-cooking, master courses, public and private events, conferences, advertising campaigns and/or promotions, organisation of theme related sampling and tasting sessions, demonstrations, galas and celebrations.  On the other hand, different international sports bodies have shown interest in closely collaborating with the Spanish National Team of the Professional Cooking Association and already the organisation is working on this so that Spanish cuisine will be present in many important events and activities, with the National Team taking on the role of ambassador of Spanish Gastronomy.

We are all rooting for you…go for the World Cup of Cooking!