It was during Alimentaria 2016 that the Chef presented the most vanguard tapa of the 10th National Tapas & Pinchos Contest, held in the city of Valladolid  

Javier Brichetto, Chef of the Musakaya Restaurant, which is to be found right in the San Agustín Market of Toledo, held a show-cooking presentation at the Barcelona Alimentaria 2016 trade show introducing his creation of Chori & Pan. Javier is the highly recognized chef of the winning team “La Vermuneta”, which participated in the Cocineros al Volante television show. On this occasion he has decided to put a twist on a classic and has intermingled the flavor of our very own FISAN Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed Chorizo, beautifully grilled on coals, with the generalized concept to be found in most of South America of bread with chorizo, yet also winking at Asia by serving it in a Baozi bun with Kimchi sauce.  

This triple fusion marvel rises to a crescendo with a quail egg on top sprinkled with a touch of Vera Pimenton, which is the perfect and necessary final touch to enhance the contrast in textures and flavors of the tapa that carried off the win to the most Vanguard tapa in the recent contest held in Valladolid.    

We would also like to mention, now that the National Celiac Awareness Day is close on hand (27th May), that this tapa does not contain gluten, making it perfectly suitable for those who have Celiac Disease.