Thanks to our new packaging formats, the traditional flavour of FISAN Ibérico products will allow you to hold the leading role with these original gifts that are ideal for all pockets.  

All this is possible thanks to the new container box and the jute casings for loins and ham, which will allow us this year to make everybody happy with a gift of traditional flavour that is also a guarantee of making the best possible gift without having to spend more than one can afford. Hence, we propose a series of gifts for these festivities that range from the truly affordable right through to the highest premium quality products.  

Let’s start with the simple ones, presented in our new flat container box and including the following varieties.  

•    With an acorn-fed Longaniza and an acorn-fed White Longaniza inside, representing two of the most emblematic traditional flavours to be found in Guijuelo, at a surprising price.  

•    With two platter envelopes of Ham or Shoulder Ham, another two of Loin, two of Chorizo and two more of Salchichón, which represents an Ibérico assortment of the best of our production, beautifully adapting to all possibilities.

•    This box includes many platter envelopes of hand-carved acorn-fed Ibérico Ham, hence insuring the presence of the King of Ibérico products during the festivities, along with a cutting edge presentation thanks to the knife-carved presentation executed by our own ham carvers at our own facilities. A modern gift at a reasonable price.  

To then continue with another classic, we have the acorn-fed Loin in its new presentation, a jute casing. And now for the indisputable protagonist of our Christmas dining table, our Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham (for those pockets that are really overflowing). This year the entire ham can be enjoyed already carved, thanks to our master ham carvers who have diligently worked to prepare them, after which they have been vacuum packed and presented in five of our new container boxes. An original gift that is also very trendy.  

Finally, FISAN’s pride and joy: our Limited Edition Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham (of which there are only 20 pieces corresponding to the year 2008). This is a gift that in itself is worthy of our next post. So, get ready to discover how we select the best 20 hams from among each year’s acorn-fed hams, the hams that will carry the banner of our brand to the loftiest heights. However, this will be tomorrow. Today, if you are interested in purchasing any of these fabulous gifts, please ask for them by their name at your local delicatessen butcher. Or contact us at