Arriving at the Cocina Hermanos Torres in Barcelona and seeing the Jamón Alta Gastronomía Edición Limitada Añada 2015 , was a good start to our centenary. For this occasion, we chose Barcelona to present our Limited Edition Alta Gastronomía ham from the Vintage of 2015.

We wanted the exceptional company of the Torres brothers for the presentation of this special ham meant for Christmas. The combination of their cooking knowledge, creativity and their use of our Alta Gastronomía Ham for their creations results in an excellent culinary experience.

Everything began with a cocktail including: oysters with FISAN Iberian pork jowl; acorn-fed Alta Gastronomía FISAN loin with glass bread and tomato; tomato cocktail and pickled products. Of course, our cold cuts also made an appearance: pork loin, chorizo and salchichón, a cured sausage made with pork and seasoned with pepper. Alongside these products, we present our Limited Edition Vintage of 2015, as always, packaged luxuriously to celebrate our hundredth anniversary. The presentation of the leather box was impeccable since it included all the necessary accessories to please every palate. Moreover, we bore witness as both Javier and Sergio praised the ham: “this ham is incredible, it is truly special and unique.”

“This ham is incredible, it is truly special and unique". Javier and Sergio Torres. Cocina Hermanos Torres.

We continue with the excitement of our centenary, as we present our Private Vintage of 2012. We received Mrs. Marta Fernández Guadaño (Gastroeconomy), a businesswoman, gastronomic critic and connoisseur of our brand who lovingly dedicated some beautiful words to us in the book’s prologue. This copy accompanies the vintage of 2012 presented alongside three packets with 80 grams of FISAN Alta Gastronomía acorn-fed ham. 100 years and 100 months of curing of the cushion, fore cushion and tip to get you started before tasting the spectacular food that the Torres brothers had prepared for us.

Once seated in the spectacular diaphanous room, where one is able to share stoves with the chefs, we began to taste ten different dishes. We started with some original, and very visual,
rosemary butterflies, followed by a crab salad and beans with FISAN Alta Gastronomía acorn-fed ham and chorizo broth. We continue this ode to the Iberian flavor with a cod pil-pil style
using FISAN Alta Gastronomía acorn-fed ham and FISAN acorn-fed pluma cut matured with pears, tamarind and crumbs. To finish this banquet: cheese, La Era del Cacao (cocoa), La Joya (their masterpiece dessert) and coffee caviar.

During this very special day, the Torres brothers transmitted to us a common sentiment. Both Sergio and Javier Torres like good products, things done well and excellence. We are very happy with this collaboration and for the first steps of our centenary celebrations which will culminate in 2020.