FISAN Ibérico Secreto Carpaccio on a bed of Strawberry Salmorejo with Pedro Ximenez and Extra Virgin Olive Oil juice

Freshness is something that goes beyond the sparkling flavour hues on the palate. In haute cuisine freshness is a review of an excellent product with very classic ways of preparation (in the case of the secreto “lean, slightly marbled pork meat, like a skirt steak”, be it braised, grilled, breaded with natural tomato sauce,…) to open up new conceptual paths. That is the case of this recipe. If you make it at home it will only take you about half an hour to renew your concept of what Ibérico cruceta or secreto really is.

Preparing this meat is really easy. Simply trim the outer fat, roll it up to make a compact cylinder and… put it straight into the freezer wrapped up in cling-film. You can do this well in advance of everything else and you can let it freeze completely or you can do this just a bit before serving it (depending on the power rating of your freezer you will need a bit more or a bit less time). If you have frozen it completely, then you will have to wait until it is partially thawed (without using the microwave oven), or if you have prepared it on the same day you use it, then you must make sure that it is sufficiently frozen to be able to slice it with a slicer or a knife without worrying about it coming apart no matter how thinly you slice it.

Strawberry salmorejo (traditional salmorejo is made with tomatoes) is also really easy to make: strawberries, onions, red peppers, salt, pepper, bread and some brown sugar with olive oil and water to emulsify it all in the blender. The proportions are up to you, it’s a matter of taste.

For presentation of the dish we take a soup plate and pour some strawberry salmorejo on the bottom. In the centre we carefully place the FISAN Ibérico secreto, forming a small hill with the slices. To finish it off we dash on a few drops of Pedro Ximenex reduction (at 1/3 of its volume), a few drops of warm extra virgin olive oil, a few flakes of Maldon salt and a sprinkling of sprouts that will bring out the visual contrast of all the colours of the dish.

As said, half an hour of work in the kitchen to refresh our gastronomic image of the Ibérico pig. Just half an hour to enjoy new flavours that are absolutely perfect for a summer meal.