The most extraordinary Traditional Flavour is presented to society hand-in-hand with the most current of Haute Cuisine.  

Now, how do we present our Limited Edition Year 2012 by reinforcing our link with Haute Cuisine? Well, it really couldn’t be easier. We call upon the specialized journalists and the gastronomic experts and we invite them to an exclusive event. At DSPOT, the new space created by Diego Guerrero (one Michelin Star and two Repsol Soles at his restaurant DSTAGE), which is dedicated to creativity and research in gastronomy, directly coming of age with our event; and enjoying an extraordinary menu with which Diego Guerrero surprises all of us with seven dishes that ingeniously manage to include the extraordinary flavour of our Gran Reserva Limited Edition Year 2012 Ham and our acorn-fed meats in the most astounding of ways.  

Apart from its presentation in an original box that includes all the utensils needed for carving the ham, the brilliant colour and intense aroma of our Limited Edition Year 2012 Ham shares the honours with this truly surprising combination of flavours and textures.  

Plate of Gran Reserva Limited Edition Year 2012 Ham with Melon

Ham with Melon

Classic Mediterranean dish in which the fat of the ham is used to wrap up the melon with a hidden surprise inside: the seeds are edible.  

Boastful Anchovy

From head to tail the anchovy is overflowing with surprises due to the combinations of textures and flavours that are obtained from the spherification of our Limited Edition Year 2012 Ham.  

Crispy Pork Bun

Exactly how we learned in Hong Kong, soft and spongy inside and crispy on the outside and, of course how could it be otherwise, all stuffed with a FISAN Ibérico Pork concoction.  

Salmon Kokotxa (salmon cheek) with Seaweed Butter and Maritime Fried Bits

Very special Kokotxas al Pil Pil: the liquid element in the sauce arises from a FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham Broth and the fatty part is completed with a touch of bacon and finished off with seaweed to create the perfect surf and turf.  

FISAN Ibérico Pork Cheeks, Mochero Ají Anticucho (meat on a skewer) and Caridean Shrimp Salt

Double cooked Pork Cheeks, first at a low temperature and then on the grill, turning it into a Mochero Aji Anticucho (skewered meat) with Caridean Shrimp Salt.  

Grilled Ibérico Presa (pork shoulder cut)

If the product in itself is already of unsurpassed nobility, the thin slices of our Limited Edition Year 2012 Ham add the mellowness, aroma and surprising notes of flavour.  


A desert chock-full of fun and surprises, amongst them crunchy ham salt.  

And of course, we will tell you all about these creations with more detail in our recipes section. An endless source of inspiration for the most distinguished of tables.