Can you just imagine lounging with the sea in view, enjoying the Flavour of FISAN Acorn-Fed Ham? Well, no need to imagine it anymore. Just go have a look for yourself at the Playa del Sardinero in Santander!  

MAREMONDO is much much more than just a restaurant. It is a space that allows you to delight in a multitude of experiences along the shore of the beach of El Sardinero, in Santander. And during this entire summer on Sundays you will also have the opportunity to enjoy our FISAN Acorn-Fed Ham, sliced right in front of you by one of our master ham carvers in the restaurant’s magnificent facilities with views to the sea.  

Now that is indeed fusion cuisine: the flavour of the essence of the meadowlands of the south combined wit the aroma of the breeze of that very refreshing Cantabrian Sea in the summer. Pure and simple surf and turf. A pleasure that, as mentioned before, is right at your reach every single summer Sunday at MAREMONDO.