Introducing the Fine Gastronomy Limited Edition Iberian Ham, Vintage Year 2014

This is the seventh consecutive year we present our Limited Edition Iberian hams. On this occasion, we have only selected 55 hams among all the pieces we have attentively cared for in our cellars. Not only do these 55 hams of Vintage Year 2014 comply with the highest expectations in tastings, but they also represent the patience we practice at FISAN in order to achieve our main goal:reaching excellence in each acorn-fed piece.

José Carlos Fuentes and El Club Allard

This year, we have chosen the prestigious two-Michelin-starred restaurant El Club Allard for the presentation of our most treasured pieces. There we will gather friends and food journalists to reveal our Limited Edition, Vintage Year 2014. Moreover, the renowned Chef José Carlos Fuentes was in charge of preparing an
exclusive menu inspired by FISAN products for this important occasion. It has been an absolute pleasure and a total success to count with his support.

presentacion jamón alta gastronomía edición limitada añada 2014

The presentation of the Fine Gastronomy Limited Edition Ham of the Vintage
Year 2014 took place at El Club Allard, with its Chef José Carlos Fuentes at the head of his kitchen.

Chef José Carlos Fuentes managed the preparation of an exclusive

Creaciones del Chef José Carlos Fuentes para la presentación de la Edición Limitada Añada 2014 de FISAN

Creations created by Chef José Carlos Fuentes for the presentation of FISAN’s
Limited Edition Ham, Vintage Year 2014.

A remarkable vintage

We chose each ham of the Limited Edition Vintage Year 2014 while it was still on the pastures. We selected the pieces from the best free-range Extremadura Retinto pig specimens, raised in the extensive meadows of Andalusia and Extremadura. Afterwards, these unique selections were cured for a 56 to 60-month period in our dryers and natural cellars with dim lighting, without any
noise, a lot of care and much patience.
As a result, Vintage Year 2014 has turned out to be of excellent quality. The amount and calibre of the acorns, combined with the perfect climate and rain at the right time encouraged the nuts’ growth. This resulted in our pigs grazing the best feed in the meadows and reaching high-quality ham standards. The 2014 season lasted from October to March, which was a landmark in a ‘montanera’ period, which is when the animals graze in the pastures.
The result: FISAN’s Fine Gastronomy Limited Edition Iberian Ham 2014. This ham has the following characteristics:
- Lustrous and intense pink-red purple, with dried fruit, vegetal and floral hues.
- Long-lasting with sweet and toasted tones that are well blended and very rich in flavour.

We recommend consuming the ham before 5 or 6 days after sliced with a special knife and at a temperature of 22ºC.

Limited series: ham and luxury case

At FISAN, as always, we like to pay attention to every detail, which is why the 55 hams from the Limited Edition, Vintage Year 2014 are presented inside a natural leather and wooden case lined by hand. It includes a ‘jamonero’ knife specific for ham-slicing, ham tongs and a cloth embroidered with the FISAN logo. Each case contains a numbered certificate of authenticity attesting the
ham belongs to the Limited Edition, Vintage Year 2014.

The Fine Gastonomy Limited Edition ham from the Vintage Year 2014, together with its case and accessories, is available on our website for the price of 1,100 Euros (includes VAT).

You can purchase it in our online shop at: and receive it comfortably at home.