Jesús García Carrasco walked away with the grand prize to the Master Ham-Carver 2013 at the competition that was held on May 31 at the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, carving up a storm with the FISAN Ibérico Hams that had been specially selected for the occasion.  

Jesús García Carrasco, Monesterio (Badajoz) won the competition over another seven finalists and walked away with the grand prize to the Master Ham-Carver 2013 at the International Ham-Carving Competition that was held at the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid. This is the first time that Ibéricos FISAN has collaborated with this event, which is organised by the Grupo Vida Austera. In order to make the task easier for the master carvers, FISAN decided to contribute with a special collection of hams that gathered together the ideal characteristics for the competition. The goal was to highlight the key importance of the carver so that the best acorn-fed Ibérico hams would be fully enjoyed, as a truly fine hand-carved slice of ham allows all the textures and aromas to emerge and highlight its flavour even more.   

The qualified jury was presided over by Rafael Anson, President of the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronomy and the jury members were chefs Mario Sandoval and Diego Guerrero, along with the food critic Antonio Ivorra, José Carlos Capel and Javier Sánchez (from Ibéricos FISAN). A series of specifications were taken into account to choose the winner: trimness of the piece prior to carving, style and presentation of the carver, thickness and size of the slices, creativity in the assembly of the dish, speed and yield obtained from each piece.  

A very original event followed the contest, which combined a fabulous cocktail party with a live DJ session performed by Brianda Fitz James Stuart. Also, the master baker Paco Torreblanca presented a special dessert created for the occasion: Caramelised Mille-Feuille with Tahiti Vanilla Custard and Red Berries with Ham Dust and Chef Eduardo Sánchez prepared a dish for a tasting session with Broad Beans Stewed in Ham Essence. The ambience and mood was truly lovely and covered several disciplines; as apart from gastronomy and music, a selection of contemporary artists presented a series of artworks inspired in the world of ham. dEmo Artist created one of his famous POP sculptures and the plastic artist Evaristo Jesús painted his piece of artwork live, right in front of the audience. Indeed, inspiration was anything but lacking, and on top of that it was acorn-fed!