FISAN at the Joyería Yanes during #VMFO2016

On the evening of the past Thursday the 17th the nightlife in Madrid was copious and luxuriant with Fashion, Style and FISAN Gran Reserva Flavour

On the evening of the past Thursday the 17th, with reason of the #VMFO2016, the Joyería Yanes (Jewellery Store) extended its opening hours well past midnight. As you can see in the images, the well known jewellery store hosted in their garden an exclusive event for 300 guests; with guests sauntering in as of 8 pm in the midst of the #VogueMadridFashionNightOut. FISAN enjoyed the immense pleasure of joining this initiative with our starring product, the FISAN Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham. A jewel for the palate at the height of the collections that all those present were able to familiarise themselves with at the event.

Apart from FISAN, Egoleum, Viña Mambrilla, Madre Hizo Pan and MaryKay, the prestigious cosmetic brand, were all present as brands collaborating with the event. It was an evening to remember, overflowing with flavour and fashion, a unique evening in Madrid.


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