In lie manner to every year, here we have the most flavourful ideas for gifts this Christmas.

In like manner to every year during these dates, the flavours of FISAN Acorn-Fed products turn into the stars of the most celebrated of festivities at all the tables of our country. If the nougat and marzipan traditionally close off each one of the gastronomic dates of Christmas time, then Ham and FISAN Acorn-Fed Sausage Meats brilliantly open up the season since a long long time ago. 

Thus the reason why each season FISAN presents three new proposals to be enjoyed and, of course, proposals for gifts that will leave their mark. The first is our most prized jewel: FISAN Gran Reserva Limited Edition Year 2011, a painstaking selection of the best 42 FISAN GR acorn-fed hams of the year, publicly presented by our FISAN Gran Reserva Ambassador: Ramon Freixa, prestigious chef with two Michelin Stars. Its format is also unique, as it includes a singular box that imitates the texture of the Villamayor stone. An unrepeatable gift both due to its quality and exclusivity. 


FISAN GR Edición Limitada Añada 2011

Our second proposal is the FISAN Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed Shoulder Ham or Ham, with these hams and shoulder hams having been selected as of their origin in the meadowlands and during the entire curing process due to their morphological characteristics and their excellent point of curing in order to become our brand’s standard banner. Our Gran Reserva is also being presented, this time in a box with a modern design that elegantly reproduces the basic elements of our image and tradition. 


And our third and novel proposal is also an original box in the shape of a cube, a FISAN Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed Ham that is hand-carved by our Master Ham Carvers and then vacuum packed. To be added to these envelopes of hand-carved ham are the packages of cubed ham and part of the bone, already in portions, so that you can not only enjoy it in slices, but also use it as gastronomic inspiration while preparing exquisite dishes in your kitchen. 

GR loncheado a mano 

Recommended prices:

FISAN Gran Reserva Limited Edition Year 2011 € 1,050 per unit

FISAN Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed Ham as of  € 550 per unit

FISAN Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed Ham in envelopes and hand-carved: as of € 600 per unit.  

These new presentations for gifts now become part of our already traditional offerings:


los clasicos

The White Jute Bag with two FISAN Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed Ibérico Sausage Meats. 

The White Jute Bag with three of our best FISAN Acorn-Fed Sausage Meats (Loin, Salchichón and Acorn-Fed Chorizo).

The White Jute lined treasure chest with three FISAN Acorn-Fed Sausage Meats (Loin, Salchichón and Acorn-Fed Chorizo). 

How can you get them:

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