On Wednesday the 2nd of December we enjoyed the honour of participating in the traditional Christmas encounter at the prestigious Madrid gallery.

In like manner to every year the Galería Joyería Ansorena, found at Calle Alcalá in Madrid invited its most faithful guests to its traditional Christmas Drink. A cocktail that took place in the company of astounding works of art up for auction at the gallery and a magníficenMutatis Mutandis Collection, by de Alwin van der Linde, que magnificent Mutatis Mutandis Collection, by Alwin van der Linde, which will remain on display until December 5th and we had the immense pleasure and honour of being present.

Our own ham carver, as can be seen in the image, owned up his position right alongside our most precious jewel, the FISAN GRAN RESERVA Ibérico Ham, which in turn was located right at the foot of “Más Allá”, an oil painting on a 180x180 cm canvas, which made us feel as if we were looking through an open window onto our most beloved meadowlands, apart from integrating us right into one of the works of art or a jewels that were on display at the gallery.

The combination of the visit and the flavour turned out to be absolutely magical for all of us and, of course, it represented pure and simple art.