Just a few weeks ago the magazine Fuera de Serie gathered together three prestigious and renowned Gastronomers with the goal of holding a pairing session with the most widely recognised brands of Ibérico ham and the most prestigious of French champagnes.

Ramón Freixa, Gemma Vela and Segundo Alonso, three important experts of our country’s gastronomic industry, gathered together in Madrid in order to hold a pairing session with select Ibérico Hams and the most famous representatives of French Champagne.

In order to have their opinion, we have literally quoted them from the text that appeared on the past Friday in the Fuera de Serie magazine:

“The three were of the same mind when they mentioned how surprised they were with this experience: FISAN Gran Reserva 2008, a very interesting product, overflowing with hues, Freixa mentioned. The three experts were also of the same opinion mentioning that the best ally to be found for FISAN was Dom Pérignon Vintage 2000. The powerful promise of this champagne worked beautifully with the delicacy of this Ibérico Ham, Vela defined”.

Of course, in the PDF that you will find at the foot of this news you can read the complete piece of news (available in the Fuera de Serie magazine corresponding to the past Friday). And, above all, we want you to share the joy with us of this excellent result of a direct comparison between our brand and the very best that can be found on the market.