At FISAN we take good care of the Ibérico pig with all our heart so that when you enjoy it you will also be doing your heart a favour.  

Apart from insuring unique flavour and texture, excellent husbandry of the race and the diet of our Ibérico pigs insures that we will be able to enjoy one of its most singular characteristics: this is precisely the fat of the Ibérico pig, which free-ranges on acorns, and thus turns it not only into one of the most delicious of foods, but also makes it healthy for the heart. This unique characteristic among foods of animal origin is what makes our FISAN Ibérico products an extraordinary food.  

Altogether, the fat of the Ibérico pig, which is quite visible and infiltrated among its muscles, offers us more than 56% of oleic acid (for a total of 75% of unsaturated fat). In fact, only olive oil has a higher concentration of this type of fatty acid, reaching 80%. The truth of the matter is that unsaturated fatty acids, in particular oleic acid, contributes to increasing the level of HDL (good cholesterol), while reducing the presence of LDL (bad cholesterol). This is precisely the reason why olive oil is the type of fat that physicians and nutritionists most highly recommend.  

Currently use of saturated fats has become a generalised problem for society, in particular for younger people, as this type of fat is to be found in most processed baked goods, foods of animal origin or in FAST FOOD. Hence, FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham or any of our other sausage meats offer a far healthier alternative, be the same in the shape of a sandwich, a tapa or as a mid-afternoon snack for kids, teenagers and adults alike. In fact, the Spanish Paediatric Association recommends only using virgin olive oil as the main fat in children’s diets, from the very moment when they are babies mixed in with their cereals and vegetables and right through to adulthood, due to the high content in oleic acid, which is 80% (the acorn-fed Ibérico pig reaches levels surpassing 56% in oleic acid and up to 75% in unsaturated fats “healthy fats”, therefore, it provides a good part of the healthy benefits that olive oil has).

In its nutritional recommendations the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) recommends using unsaturated vegetable oils, in particular olive oil (or canola oil) as the main fat in the diet. This comes to reinforce the idea that the fat of the Ibérico pig is the healthiest fat of animal origin to be found due to the concentration of oleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids. We say it from the heart.