And here we have it, the selection of the very best FISAN Acorn Fed Ibérico Hams corresponding to the year 2012!

As happens every year when Christmas approaches, FISAN presents its much awaited Limited Edition of GRAN RESERVA Ibérico acorn fed hams. The turn this year corresponds to the hams of the year 2012. A painstaking and meticulous selection, which started by first choosing the very best animals in the meadowlands during their free roaming acorn eating period (montanera) during 2011-2012 and that has resulted in just only fifty-five chosen hams that gather together the optimal conditions in as far as the morphological parameters, curing and flavour are concerned in order to form part of the 2012 FISAN GRAN RESERVA Limited Edition Acorn Fed Ham. The result is a unique morsel that can only be enjoyed on very few occasions.  

Apart from all this, this year our Limited Edition is presented in a unique format for the season, as we have already become used to expect each season. An elegant, exclusively designed box with an inner drawer for all the utensils (ham knife, carving apron and tweezers) that accompany the protagonists of the story: the stars from among all the FISAN Gran Reserva Acorn Fed Ibérico Hams.  

For these Christmas celebrations, the very best flavour of the most traditional of FISAN acorn fed hams is an absolute safe bet. It is ideal to be enjoyed with the family at home or to be presented as a gift worthy of the kings.  


The main singularity of this year is marked by the tremendous amount of acorns, both from the Holm Oaks as well as from the Cork Oaks that the pigs enjoyed during their free ranging period (montanera). The cold and the absence of rainfall during the winter allowed for full profiting of the acorns, with this year 2012 being considered one of the greatest quality and profiting of the FISAN acorn fed Ibérico ham.  

Following a scrupulous and diligent curing period of five years in absolute silence in our cellars (from January of 2012 through to December of 2016), the tasting process of the 2012 FISAN GRAN RESERVA Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham offered up a most lively colour and intense aroma. Hues of nuts and dried fruits, with profound depth in mouth with sweet notes. With a very smooth and juicy texture.  


The 2012 LIMITED EDITION is a selection of only fifty-five hams chosen from the most extraordinary FISAN Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed Ibérico Hams, cured between 58 and 60 months in natural cellars, with scarce light, scant noise, much care and huge amounts of patience. The pampering dedicated to the animal from the very moment it is born translates into these unique pieces that FISAN puts at the disposal of the most exacting of palates each and every year.