FISAN flavour recalling the Holm Oaks and meadows. A tribute that is related to the origin of our products and to the season that is now approaching.

The ingredients and preparation for the presentation of the FISAN Ibérico Presa will give rise to reminiscences of the origin of our very best Ibérico products and to this season of the year: the autumn meadows.
FISAN Ibérico Presa
Pedroñeras Garlic
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Holm Oak Sawdust
Port Wine
Tender Sprouts
Preparation of the garlic leaves
Gently boil the garlic heads in milk with salt and pepper. Once the garlic heads are tender take them out of the liquid and peal of the skins, mash them up and emulsify with the extra virgin olive oil. Heat up the emulsion and add some Gellan gum. Take the mash and put it into a square-shaped mould so that, once solidified, we can obtain even-sized square leaves.
Preparation of the Port Wine base
Make a light base by heating up the Port wine and cognac. Once it starts boiling add butter and let it melt down completely. Let the combination reduce, cool and put it aside for later use.
Preparation of the FISAN Ibérico Presa
Sear the Ibérico presa on a piping hot griddle and then put it into a 180ºC oven for 10 minutes. Keep it warm for later use.
Assembling the dish
Use a soup plate to present the dish. Wrap the FISAN Ibérico Presa in a few garlic leaves and place it on the bottom of the plate. Pour some of the piping hot Port wine base around the meat and top it all up with the tender sprouts. Cover the dish with a dome and impregnate it with Holm Oak smoke. Serve the dish covered with the dome so that when it is uncovered the first thing the diner perceives is the aroma of the smoke, while in turn bringing on reminiscences of all the elements that make up the dish.
Now that autumn is just around the corner, this dish represents an advance of the sensations that impregnate the cuisine based on Ibérico products: the Holm Oak coal fire, green sprouts with herbal notes that remind us of sprouting grass after a long, hot, dry month of August, as well as the garlic leaves and the Port wine base, which takes us down the road to the comforting and filling cuisine of the cooler months of the year. This dish is absolutely perfect to kick-off the season on the right foot.
Bye bye summer, let’s toast to autumn!