This is one of the most traditional of Ibérico cuts, with a treatment that most decisively brings it closer to this century’s gastronomic culture.

The Ibérico Presa is one of the most traditional cuts of fresh Ibérico pork. Located right alongside the shoulder, it forms part of the head of the loin and it is also known as “bola” or shoulder loin. This cut has abundant marbled fat, reason why it is traditionally grilled or braised. This time “La Roja” of the kitchen not only showed off its creativity by combining the elements that pair with the dish, but it also treated the raw material in a way that was more than cutting edge.

The first part of the treatment, and quite likely the most innovative, involved macerating the cut in liquid brine, sugar and water. On the one hand this process intensified the flavours of the raw material, while on the other it eliminated the fatty overtones of the product (precisely their intention this time).

Once the Ibérico Presa was macerated, the way it was cooked was also quite unusual. First they vacuum packed the cut in virgin olive oil and some fat from a FISAN GRAN RESERVA Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham (to impregnate the cut with all the flavour of this great ham). Finally, the cut was roasted at low temperature, which turns out a very tender piece of Presa, with all its gastronomic styling.

Then came the moment to “dress-up” the leading character with elements that were at the same height. This time they chose to add a sweet wild strawberry ragu and a few sautéed carrots impregnated with FISAN GRAN RESERVA Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham. They then topped it all with a light touch of cheese “snow” (professional secret that was not revealed to us) and, voilá, the dish was ready to go.

This combination of flavours and textures is truly extraordinary, although it is not the only possible combination. Let your imagination go wild and try out flavours that combine with this macerated Presa, cooked at low temperature… have a go at citrus aromas, ginger, roasted nuts, roasted tomato, mint. Dare to experiment! It’s more than worth it.