A classic dish served at the best Christmas dinners, now transformed for the 21st Century

As the celebration of Christmas approaches at FISAN we would like to offer a reinterpretation of a classic of the holiday tables: FISAN Ibérico Suckling Pig. Due to its flavour and aromas the result will remind us of the most traditional of roasted dishes. However, both the way it is prepared and its presentation lead tradition in a radically different direction, far removed from the stereotypes that surround the time-honoured “roasted suckling pig”.

INGREDIENTS for four persons:

The Suckling Pig:

2 Ibérico suckling pig legs

2 litres of good olive oil

Salt and pepper

The Sweet Potato Parmentier:

1 medium sized sweet potato

250 g of fresh cream

For the Tomato Ash:

4 fresh tomatoes

For the Apple Cloud:

The juice of 4 apples

5 g of albumin

10 g of sugar



The Suckling Pig Confit. Season the Ibérico suckling pig legs with salt and pepper and place in a pot with the 2 litres of oil at 85º C during 12 hours. Once the legs are tender we take them out and carefully separate the meat from the bones. We then choose a mould of our liking and place the crispy skin at the bottom forming a base, then adding the cleaned meat from the suckling pig legs. We press it down carefully and let it rest another 12 hours. We unmould the FISAN Ibérico suckling pig and we slice it into squares, briefly searing it on a hot griddle. We then put it aside for later use.

The Sweet Potato Parmentier. We roast the sweet potato en papillote. Once it is roasted, we break it up and combine it with the fresh cream. We put it all into a pot and let it slowly simmer, seasoning with salt and finally we put it in the blender until a smooth cream is obtained.

The Tomato Ash. We dry out the tomatoes (if you start off with dried tomatoes this will be much easier and they can be easily found in almost any supermarket). Once the tomatoes are dry we crush them until we obtain the tomato ash.

The Apple Cloud. We now obtain the apple juice from the apples and we let it rest to then combine with the sugar and albumin. We blend it all together until it turns into a cloud, which we will use for the presentation. We can obtain a similar result using a siphon.


Before assembling the dishes we have to put the FISAN Ibérico Suckling Pig, which will already be prepared in confit and seared on the grill, in the oven for a few minutes so that it will warm up. Then we put a dash of sweet potato Parmentier on the bottom of the plate and arrange the square cut piece of Ibérico Suckling Pig on top. We finish off the dish with a cloud of apple on top of the suckling pig, adding a few flakes of Maldon salt and we finish off the decoration with a few tears of the apple cloud.

As already mentioned above, this FISAN Ibérico Suckling Pig pays homage to the traditional Christmas roasts, yet with a new twist. The dish is perfect to celebrate the New Year and welcome the future in with style.

Happy Dining!