This dish gathers together the tradition of a Steak Tartare and the innovative use of Ibérico pork meat and FISAN GRAN RESERVA Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham.

This is the first of a series of dishes with which the Spanish Professional Cooking Team has surprised us on their visit to Salamanca. In this article we will basically outline “La Roja’s” recipe for FISAN Tenderloin Steak Tartare, although you will be able to see that with a bit of imagination it can be easily adapted to our own tastes.

With this recipe the dish has gained in freshness with the incorporation of strawberries and the tomato foam, yet always respecting the main product, Ibérico pork. This same goal can also be achieved with many other ingredients: be inspired and try out new combinations.


1.- Steak tartare:

1 kg FISAN Ibérico tenderloin

100g spring onions

100g dried tomatoes

100g FISAN Ibérico ham (the team used Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed ham, but you can indeed use other categories of FISAN ham)

2.- Chutney:

500g strawberries

50g honey

Pepper, cayenne pepper and salt

3.- Tomato Foam:

1 kg Teardrop tomatoes


1.- Chop the FISAN tenderloin finely, along with the fresh spring onions, the FISAN Ibérico ham and the dried tomatoes. Put aside for later.

2.- Lightly sauté the strawberries, add the honey and let it reduce while seasoning it with the cayenne pepper, pepper and salt.

3.- Break up the tomatoes and strain them. Put all the juice that comes out into a two-charge siphon and put it in the fridge.


Put a dash of chutney on the bottom of the plate. Assemble the steak tartare and finish it off with some tomato foam, a few drops of olive oil and some flakes of Maldon salt.

As always, when cooking raw or rare meats it is absolutely essential that the raw material is of a well-known origin and that it has passed all the required health controls. It is also very important that special care be applied when handling the product in order to avoid any health complications. Avoid using knives that are employed for other products, never leave the meat out of the fridge during any part of the process, …