The FISAN Ibérico Tenderloin is one of the most valued morsels to be found in the pleiad of extraordinary cuts that the Ibérico pig has to offer. Cooked by “La Roja” it reaches unsuspected heights.  

For this recipe “La Roja” has used the wonderful fat from a FISAN GRAN RESERVA Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham to wrap up the Ibérico tenderloin. This way when you roast it all the Ibérico flavour and its extraordinary mellowness is preserved, as the “wrapping” plays a decisive role in the succulence of the tenderloin.  

Then, at the same time you prepare a broth, or stock, with the FISAN GRAN RESERVA Ham, which concentrates all the pure flavours of the Ham (intense, tasty, recalling the acorns it has fed on,…). The chickpeas that will accompany the tenderloin have been slowly stewed in this same broth with just a bit more of the FISAN GRAN RESERVA ham fat, hence achieving a flavour that brings to mind the very first memory of the pure flavours of the Ham. Once the chickpeas were cooked, “La Roja” used them as a main ingredient, creating a “hummus” that in the presentation served as the base for the tenderloin. A few whole chickpeas were added to complete the double texture that gives the dish its name.  

All that was left to do was to caramelise the base of the roasting tray with a bit more of the Ham broth that they prepared, finally letting all the juices reduce. For the reduction you can try adding a bit (just a touch) of “Pedro Ximenez” or a dash of good wine of your choice. The idea is not to make a wine sauce, but simply to round off the flavours of the reduction.  

Now comes the time to crown our plate with a few flakes of FISAN GRAN RESERVA Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham. The exact same flavour that pervades all the dish’s elements in its pure state, guiding the palate towards the world of Ibérico, which is precisely our intention.  

If you decide to prepare this dish, allow us a piece of advice. Prepare another tenderloin and when you finish roasting it let it cool slowly. Wrap it up in cling-film and put it in the fridge until the next day. Then slice it up really thin and serve it on a slice of good toasted bread (home-made, whole wheat,…) and put just a touch of mayonnaise and another dash of good L’Ancienne mustard on the tenderloin and with that tiny bit of extra effort you will have a unique morsel to enjoy.  

Bon appétit!!!