This Wednesday the 17th at 7.00 pm a contest for Bloggers is to be held, and then a Celebration that is open to the Public!!!

 Ibéricos FISAN has called its first Blogger Contest in Barcelona, set to take place this Wednesday the 17th as of 7.00 pm. The venue is the Princesa Market, found at Carrer dels Flassaders, 21. At this contest a selection of lifestyle and gastronomy Bloggers will be competing with the preparation of their very best recipe for “Pa amb Tomàquet” (Bread with Tomato), the same right in front of the Xarcu space and inside the market itself. 

An expert jury will be in charge of choosing the best creation, and then… Music and FISAN Flavour for all those in attendance. 

Following the jury’s decision, the event will open its doors to the general public so that everybody can enjoy the Traditional Flavour of Acorn-Fed Ibérico products: Traditional FISAN Flavour. There will be live music, beverages and FISAN snacks at very economic prices. 

Make sure you do not miss this chance! It is a unique occasion to enjoy the Flavour of the very best FISAN Acorn-Fed Hams and Sausage Meats smack in the heart of the city of Barcelona.