This year we will be there to fill up the best Avant-Garde Cuisine with Acorn-Fed Ibérico Flavour 

From January 25th to the 27th FISAN will once again be the protagonist at MADRID FUSIÓN 2016, this time in the company of some of the best Chefs of the Spanish fine gastronomy scene. In like manner to the past year, and by way of the events that take place at our stand number 40 on the third floor and through our intervention in chats and lectures, we will once again bring along the Traditional Flavour of Acorn-Fed Ibérico to partake of the highest standards of Avant-Garde Cuisine. 

Monday, January 25th  

1.15 pm – 2.35 pm at the AUDITORIUM, with the lectureEL PALADAR MENTAL”, (THE MENTAL PALATE), which offers a global overview on the new paths of cuisine, the same sponsored by FISAN.

INSPIRACIÓN GLOBAL (GLOBAL INSPIRATION) Ricard Camarena (Ricard Camarena, Spain)

And also at noon:

We will be collaborating in the creations made by the Restaurant Vida&Comida (Makiberico) and Restaurant Casa Lis (Ibérico Ham on a Boletus Quiche with Chervil Oil) during the lunch that will be offered by Salamanca Para Comérsela

4.00 pm Presentation at our stand (nº 40) of the gastronomic creation made by the Restaurant Vida y Comida: Makibérico  #makibericoFISAN

Tuesday, January 26th

11.30 am Presentation a tour stand (nº 40) on the part of Ricard Camarena of his creation: Secreto Rilletes with Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham.   #RilleteFISAN

 2.30 pm – 3.00 pm MULTI-PURPOSE HALL  Workshop Lecture by Ricard Camarena “EL ALMA DEL PRODUCTO IBÉRICO EN LA ALTA GASTRONOMÍA” (THE SOUL OF THE IBÉRICO PRODUCT IN FINE GASTRONOMY), sponsored by FISAN. Two new proposals likewise made with FISAN products will also appear in the same presentation. 

We hope to see you at Madrid Fusión 2016, and if you are unable to visit, please do follow all these events by way of the hashtags #FISAN MF16  #jamondebellota #makibericoFISAN #RilleteFISAN on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.