FISAN’s twofold Montanera turns a very difficult montanera into one of complete success (free ranging period for the pigs roaming the meadowlands in search of acorns and grasses).

The Montanera at FISAN is characterised by the area of the meadowlands that each one of our Iberico pigs enjoys, that is, three hectares per animal, which is twice what the Law on Iberico stipulates as necessary so that each pig can reach the Bellota (Acorn-Fed) category. Thus the reason why in years such as this one, in which due to the climatic conditions the acorns started to drop rather late and the pigs were actually fully consuming them as of December, the area and, therefore, the amount of available acorns is basic must for their correct feeding. 

This season the pigs have enjoyed the acorns rather late and in many areas there were not as many acorns as would have been ideal, and it has only been thanks to the great areas that we have available that we have actually been able to fully fatten-up the pigs during the montanera. 

This campaign we have sacrificed the last acorn-fed pigs in the third week of March, when most others in the industry had already finished in the last week of February, due to the scarce crop. However, in like manner to the more meteorologically favourable years, this twofold montanera in campaigns such as this was assures us a quality that will be above that which is normal, even being able to allow our pigs to reach their full fattening potential exclusively with acorns. 

Despite their late ripening, the quality of the fruits has been excellent; hence the quality of our acorn-fed products corresponding to the 16-17 Campaign will be extraordinary. To find out about this in our own home all we have to do is wait a few months. Oh, oh, we are impatient already!