This photograph, which was taken towards the end of December of 2012, is the best allegory of FISAN’s philosophy and of our slogan “Traditional Flavour” to express the nature of our brand.  

After a casual encounter right smack in the middle of the meadows, the image of our Ibérico pig pursuing his forerunner, the wild boar, on the scale of evolution, perfectly illustrates how after centuries and centuries of breed selection man has managed to transform a live, wild being, which is difficult to capture, into an animal with a series of extraordinary characteristics capable of satisfying the most demanding exigencies in as far as profiting, quality and organoleptic characteristics are concerned.

In this specific case, these dark, rotund and fine-limbed Ibérico pigs will form part of the FISAN Gran Reserva selection and perhaps a few of them will also form part of the FISAN Limited Edition Gran Reserva for the year 2017.

At any rate, now that the new year is upon us, what we actually want to illustrate with this image is how traditional production of products derived from the Ibérico pig make it possible to preserve some ancestral elements of our landscape and culture, including a singular and sustainable ecosystem that is welcoming to both: the meadowlands.  

Hence, this is the reason why all of us who enjoy the pleasure of savouring a good FISAN Ibérico product can feel proud of our contribution to sustain a model of traditional industriousness and a sector that is unique in the world.