On the past Tuesday, June 14th, we enjoyed the pleasure of collaborating in a very interesting colloquium that took place at the Hotel Urso in Madrid  

The lecture, with the title "La lucha contra el Cáncer ni puede ni debe esperar" (The fight against Cancer can neither wait nor should it) and organized by the Oncology Research Foundation (FERO) was held at the Hotel Urso in Madrid. The speaker, Dr. Javier Cortés, is the Head of the Breast Cancer and Gynecological Tumors Department of the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital and Medical Director of the Baselga Institute of Oncology. Dr. Baselga currently serves as Physician-in-Chief at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York and he is one of the leading world experts in this specialty.   

A cocktail was served to all the guests following the colloquium, during which FISAN had the opportunity to contribute with a master ham carver and the flavor of our Gran Reserva FISAN Ham. During the lecture the organization expressed its appreciation to both FISAN Ibéricos and to Bodegas Loa and to the Director of the Hotel Urso, all collaborators of the event. Thus the reason why with this post we also want to express our indebtedness to the FERO Foundation for the opportunity we have been given to contribute with our grain of sand in favoring the eradication of this terrible disease.

Thank you very much!