The first rains announce the beginning of a fundamental period in the production of our choice acorn-fed products. 

The complete absence of ground frost during the spring flowering period has allowed for the meadowlands that are dedicated to the free-range period of the FISAN Ibérico pigs to flourish beautifully with the Holm oaks bountiful with an impressive amount of acorns: the promise and hope of an exceptional campaign to come. And now, with the first rains of the fall, which have finally appeared on the horizon, the fruits of the Holm oaks and Cork oaks will be able to complete their development and gradually fall to the ground throughout the remaining fall and coming winter. October rains, which also favor growth of the grass that rounds out the Ibérico pig’s natural diet.  

Thus in just a few days our droves will start to free-range throughout the chosen meadowlands, changing from one to another in due accordance to those with the best conditions for their natural foraging.  

And it goes without saying, as always FISAN’s two-fold free-range period, with twice the number of acres than that regulated by law, ensures that each pig, painstakingly selected as of its birth, will be of extraordinary quality once it returns to our facilities.  

Pay close attention to our social networks and our blog, as in like manner to each and every campaign we will keep you up-to-date on our progress.