Our 2011 and 2012 Gran Reserva Hams held the starring roles in a pairing session of extraordinary quality.  

It was precisely during Madrid Fusión 2015 that a pairing session took place at our stand with wines from the Rioja Alta Winery and our Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed Hams. The pairing session was conducted by the wine critic and gastronome Enrique Calduch, one of the greatest experts on wine in Spain and by Ferrán Centelles, National Gastronomy Award 2011, Sommelier at El Bulli from 2000 to 2011 and best Sommelier of Spain 2006.  

Both of them were of the same opinion on the perfect suitability of the texture of the FISAN Gran Reserva hams in order to truly appreciate the diverse hues of the wines. The experts explained that salt is one of the limiting factors in pairing sessions, hence the reason why they were wonderfully surprised with the minimum point of salt that characterizes FISAN’s Gran Reserva Hams.  

The wine chosen to be paired with the 2011 Ham was the Vino Torre de Oña Reserva 2010. “Both the wine and the ham have a very high long-lasting drawn-out flavour. This is a more unctuous ham, more aromatic; hence it requires a wine with an attitude, with a punch. The result of the combination of the two is a staggeringly fabulous aftertaste,” Calduch and Centelles both asserted.  

On its part the 2012 FISAN GRAN RESERVA Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham, with its lively color, intense aroma and nutty overtones, turned out to be profound and bold in mouth with sweet tinges. Given the ham’s smooth and juicy texture they decided to pair it with a Viña Arana 2006 wine, which is milder, more caramel tinged, truly respecting the ham and its aromas given its crispness.  

And as a final fabulous surprise, one of the few 2008 Gran Reserva Hams that we still treasure in our cellars also participated in the pairing session. These are hams with a special texture, very unctuous in their marbled fat, which with the passing of time allows them to gain in flavor without being overpowering in salt, hence enriching its beautifully subtle aromas. For this ham, which has been pampered with care during seven years, a highly spirited, more powerful wine was needed. Hence the Torre de Oña Reserva 2010 was the chosen wine to be paired with this crown jewel of a ham, the 2008 FISAN Gran Reserva.