Our MF16 solidarity apron undertakes its journey to the Paula Project Foundation

During the three days that we participated in Madrid Fusión 2016, at FISAN we undertook an initiative, a simple one at that, yet overflowing with solidarity and the flavour of the very best Spanish gastronomy. At our stand we requested that the illustrious chefs that visited us include a candid dedication on the simple apron and sign the same for the Paula Project Foundation, an initiative to collect funds that will be dedicated to Research on Diabetes. This Foundation is financed with public funds and private donations from companies and persons, with their goal residing in working on a cure for and the prevention of diabetes, which is something that children and adults such as Paula suffer on a daily basis in Spain.

The response we obtained was immediate. With both young people, and not so young people participating. Television stars and multi-starred chefs. All of them. Each and every one of them came up with the best they have. With a smile. With hope. With the feeling of having given their all, completely selflessly, to a good undertaking.

Hence the reason why today our solidarity apron is on its way to the Paula Project Foundation, where it will be auctioned off to collect funds so as to continue working on this fight against diabetes, and of course, we would very much like to express our greatest appreciation to all those that have made this possible. And along with our own appreciation, also that of all the children and adults who suffer diabetes in our country.

Thank you Fina Puigdevall, thank you Joaquin Felipe, thank you Orlando Ortega, thank you Oscar Cruz, thank you Sacha Hormaechea, thank you Pepe Rodriguez, thank you Julio Reoyo, thank you Carles Gaig, thank you Ricard Camarena, thank you Ramon Freixa, thank you Javi Estévez, thank you Bárbara Amorós, thank you Fran Vicente, thank you Martín Berasategui,... THANK YOU EVERYBODY! WE’LL LET YOU ALL KNOW THE RESULT! 😉