The team of chefs captained by Carlos Durán walked away with the victory in the three categories in which it participated. Spanish predominance was the constant note at the competition that was hosted in Thessalonica: Gold Medals to the Best Chef, Best Team and Best Junior Team.

The Spanish team, which is sponsored by FISAN, was made up by the senior chefs Carlos Durán, Félix Manso and Alberto Moreno; along with the junior chefs Rafael Arroyo and Javier Andrade. The team’s coach was Chema de Isidro and logistic and strategic support was to the account of David Basilio, who also undertook all the institutional and promotional affairs and the role of Road Manager from the World Gastronomy Institute, organisation that has been supporting the team with a strong structure and helping out in the creation of its own legal status.  

Carlos Durán walked away with the gold medal to the “Best Chef”, with one of his signature dishes, “Low Temperature Seabream with hues of fennel, sea-faring aromas and a touch of coral”. The Senior Team, made up by Durán himself and Chefs Alberto Moreno and Félix Manso, also won the gold medal with recipes such as “Angus Beef Salad in Tataki with Pickled Strawberries”. And finally, Rafael Arroyo and Javier Andrade, representing the Junior Team, also reached the coveted gold, in this case with Spanish products, as the rules of the game duly allowed this instance. A good example of their work was the dish of “Red Almadraba Tuna with Tzatziki (Greek yogurt sauce, hence giving the nod to the host country), Murcia Cucumber Emulsion and Ríofrío Caviar”. Fabulous technique at the service of imagination in a team of expert professional chefs participating, and winning, competitions, which without any doubt will be highly acclaimed as they return home to Spain with their accolades.  

The championship was hosted in Thessalonica (Greece) on the dates of March 7th to the 10th, being officially called the “8th International Culinary Competition of Southern Europe”. This is a biennial competition, which was called by the WACS Association for the 2013 edition and organised by the Chefs Club of Thessalonica, counting with 96 International Jury Members, amongst whom only one Spanish participant was to be found, Chef and Gastronomer Tony Pérez. The success obtained in this Championship also directly allows the team to continue on to the “American Culinary Nestle Professional”, which is to take place in Atlanta (USA) in 2014, and in which the entire Spanish team will be participating.  

The team of young, yet experienced, Spanish Chefs has already participated in a number of different championships, contributing with enormous personal and economic efforts, and with pure passion, harvesting tremendous international successes, although until now they it had not been sufficiently valued or recognised on a popular level due to the lack of official support; however, now in this new stage, with a solid base backing them, they have taken off with great force in Greece and with a brilliant configuration of the group, under the tutorship of the WGI (World Gastronomy Institute – European Association for Development of the Gastronomic Culture) and with the express support of the Art and Gastronomy Foundation, both representing non-profit organisations that have taken over management of the Spanish Team, providing it with an organisational and departmental structure, specialised means and personnel, ranging from the Secretary General right through to the Institutional, Corporate Communication, Fundraising (Sponsorships), Legal, Administrative, Financial, Public Relations and Management Departments. This entire professional framework now fights it out behind the trenches so that the Team will continue to successfully represent Spain, under the best possible conditions and in the greatest international championships. Participation of this culinary national team, which is coordinated by the WGI, is confirmed in different championships that will be taking place throughout the year, such as the “Junior Culinary Cup of the Americas”, to be hosted in Costa Rica in the month of May, or the semi-final of the “Chefs World Championship” in Milan, stage for which the team is already classified.  

The Spanish Team has also been supported throughout its Greek experience by multiple companies and prestigious organisations such as the WGI itself, along with Fisán Ibéricos, Linkers (Hospitality Industry Personnel Selection) and so on. These contests would simply not be possible without the collaboration of these impressive Spanish and multinational brands.

In brief there will be an “Official Presentation” of the team in Madrid, the same with the collaboration of the WGI and the Art and Gastronomy Foundation, during which a new denomination will also be presented along with a corporate image, including the uniforms of the chefs that will be representing our country around the world.  

We will be there!