Absolute luxury, pure luxury, that is precisely what Ramón Freixa offers us by adapting the most popular uses for FISAN Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham  

Just a few ham bones will allow you to create a delicate dish. Ramón Freixa reinterprets the classic surf and turf, although in a very Ibérico deluxe version. So, with the ham bones you make a broth and then you clarify it. The collagen in the bones themselves allows the broth to gel and hence obtain an intensely flavoured gelée. Then on this gelée you place the sturgeon caviar, representing the precise amount of salt and unctuousness, which intensifies the flavour of the ham to greater heights. The finishing touch to the recipe is a delicate cauliflower foam, which gently sleekens the dish and enhances a velvety feeling in mouth.  

As Ramón Freixa himself explains in the video of the presentation of his creations, this dish is a luxury and as such it should be considered, without trying to find any substitute whatsoever for any of its elements. Thus, today, when autumn starts, we allow ourselves another “luxurious” suggestion, even closer to our hearts, and starting with the use of a ham bone…  

FISAN Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham Chickpeas…so uncomplicated to prepare and yet so extraordinarily flavourful. All you have to do is simmer some chickpeas (which will have been previously soaked for 24 hours) with an onion, a head of garlic and a nice beautiful bone of Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham. The kitchen will overflow with scents and aromas, your home will smell like home sweet home and chickpeas…yummy…and the chickpeas will retain an indisputable aroma of Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham. You can even put some into jars with their own broth and keep them in the fridge to use for a few days (or you can process the jars and they’ll keep for months). And of course, if you want to use them right away, well that’s just fine, use them as you would any other chickpeas and you will see how that additional boost of flavour elevates your recipes.

And, of course, there is no doubt that any broth or stew will be astoundingly heightened by simply adding a FISAN Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham bone. So, from this blog we invite you to send us your suggestions