A very entertaining FISAN questionnaire to have fun this summer

This is the first of the questionnaires on the World of Ibérico and FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham that we have prepared this summer. This questionnaire is ideal if you want to have a good time while on your holidays or, even better, if you’re not on holidays. You can find all the answers to this questionnaire by clicking on the question itself, as all of them actually appear in one article or another of our blog or in one of our Facebook posts. 


The Ibérico Pig is known since:

1. Its first remains were found in Atapuerca.

2. The Romans mentioned it for the first time in their writings.

3. In 1812, year when it is mentioned in the Spanish Constitution of the Cádiz Cortes. 


Slaughtering of the Acorn-Fed Ibérico Pig traditionally started: 

1. Around St. Martin’s Day (November 11)

2. Around St. Anthony the Abbot’s Day (January 17)

3. Around St. Anthony of Padua’s Day (June 13)


The period in which the Ibérico pigs eat acorns in the meadowlands during the autumn and beginning of the winter is called: 

1. Dehesada.

2. Campería.

3. Montanera.


The Dehesa (meadowlands) is:

1. A sustainable ecosystem in which live wild and domesticated beings coexist. 

2. A type of Mediterranean forest that has been untouched by man.

3. The space between two river arms that is populated by Holm Oaks.


What area of the meadowlands (dehesa) does an Ibérico pig need to actually become an “acorn-fed” Ibérico pig? 

1. One football field

2. Two football fields

3. Six football fields


How much does an Ibérico pig fatten-up in one day when eating acorns:

1. 100 gram

2. One kilogram

3. Three kilograms


The flower of the Holm Oak is called:

1. Palmatoria.

2. Candela.

3. Bellotera.


The origin of the Ibérico Pig is to be found in:

1. The Mediterranean wild boar.

2. The European and Asian wild board.

3. Both answers are correct


The Ibérico Pig....

1. All Ibérico Pigs are black

2. All Ibérico Pigs have a black hoof.

3. Both answers are correct.

4. Both answers are wrong.


We are very pleased that you have enjoyed this time spent with us. If you knew the correct answer to all of them or if you have learned something about Ibérico with this questionnaire, then we are likewise more than satisfied. And next week we’ll be offering even more… How much do you know about FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham?