Those who say that “Ibérico Ham can not be carved any old way and that incorrectly sliced it does not quite taste the same” are absolutely right. Those that have a trendy kitchen and consider that a ham stand with a ham in it takes up half of their counter space while the ham is still being carved, well, they are also right.  

However, it is also true that there is nothing quite like the thrill of receiving an Ibérico Ham, in its spectacular box, as a gift. With the neighbours poking their heads out and asking us, what was that that the messenger brought? Or what is even more commonly said, “Well, you’ll have us over to try it, won’t you?  

This ham of ours is, to be quite honest, a fabulous gift that can be enjoyed anytime of the year; although traditionally it is received as a gift just a few days before Christmas. New Year’s Eve, family meals, parties and festivities are all moments when its presence is particularly appreciated, although, who can say that they have not partaken of a light midnight dinner after the huge Christmas meal? And what could be better for that light refreshment than a plate of Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham with some bread, calmly enjoyed while recalling the rambunctiousness and uproar of the midday meal?  

To enjoy it now you no longer need a huge kitchen with lots of counter space and the ham holder standing in the middle and you no longer have to worry about covering it up once it has been opened, or even worrying about having the right knife on hand to carve it up. At FISAN we have wagered on innovating with our leading product, the Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham, now bringing it closer to you in fabulous platter envelopes with already sliced ham carved by our authentic ham carving masters. The slices are exactly the right size, beautifully arranged, ready to be set on a plate, vacuum packed just seconds after having been carved.  

This way the most classic taste of Christmas, thanks to R&D (and a ton of magic, of course), has turned into the most desirable of gifts, as it has always been, yet far more original and practical. Perhaps some of us may even boast having carved it up so beautifully all on our own. So, as you can see another use that our development department had not even taken into account. All they were worried about was making sure that the ham reached the public in the best possible conditions and, boy oh boy, have they ever achieved this!   

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