FISAN is to collaborate in the new “Gastroactitud” (Gastro-Attitude) Course and is offering you a € 35 SCHOLARSHIP     

A new course is set to start on the upcoming 26th of September, the same developed by Gastroactitud with the collaboration of FISAN: IBÉRICO ACORN-FED HAM CULTURE: CUT, TASTING AND GASTRONOMY. This course offers a wide-ranging overview on the world of Ibérico products, with special attention being paid to Ibérico Acorn-Fed Ham. The origins of the Ibérico pig, its breeds, care and diet, how to recognize a good ham, the cut and its conservation, ham in traditional cooking and avant-garde cuisine…hence the idea is a vast program to which the student will have access (contents and videos) through a virtual classroom on Gastroactitud (Gastro-Attitude), which is intuitive and user-friendly. It represents the ideal setting for flexible monitoring in accordance to the availability of each individual and a meeting place between colleagues that will make the experience very enriching.  

The foreseen contents are as follows:


•    Brief introduction
•    A Unique Breed in the World
•    Acorn-Fed, Cebo de Campo (combination of feed and natural pastures) and Cebo (fed only grains and legumes): Indeed Diet is Important!!!
•    The Denominations of Origin, an added guaranty
•    Product + Diet + Breed = Transparent Labeling


•    Producing Ibérico Acorn-Fed Ham: tradition, air and patience  
•    How to recognize a good Ibérico Ham?
•    Sensorial evaluation of the quality of ham


•    An example of a tasting note
•    The parts of an Ibérico Acorn-Fed Ham
•    Annotations about the cut of an Ibérico Acorn-Fed Ham  
•    How to store an Ibérico Acorn-Fed Ham at home  


•    Ibérico Ham in the diet: nutritional values of ham  
•    Ibérico Acorn-Fed Ham and the fifth taste (Harmonies by Umami)  
•    Classic pairing, current combinations
•    Ibérico Acorn-Fed Ham in avant-garde cuisine and traditional cooking:  
•    1. The whole ham and caboodle (use of the bone)
•    2. Do not throw anything away (use of the golden flat and remnants)  
•    3. A unique product: the fat of the Ibérico Acorn-Fed Ham  
•    4. The Ibérico Acorn-Fed Ham, in the traditional kitchen the ham is also King  
•    5. Ibérico Acorn-Fed Ham and Haute Cuisine  

The on-line course is complemented with a face-to-face Master Class imparted by José Carlos Capel and a FISAN Master Ham Cutter, at no additional cost and to which all enrolled students who so wish may attend. If you are interested in the course, FISAN offers a € 35 scholarship so that you can take it. With the totality of the course, including the Master Class standing at only € 30. Get your information now at Gastroactitud! Enrolment is now open!