“The art of ham, caressing the five senses and imprinted in our memory”. Ramon Freixa. 

The art of ham, caressing the five senses and imprinted in our memory is the spontaneous description that Ramon Freixa, Chef with two Michelin stars and Ambassador of FISAN GRAN RESERVA Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham, made when he tried the GRAN RESERVA LIMITED EDITION VINTAGE YEAR 2011 ham this past month of September. This was indeed a necessary tryout for the descriptive tasting session that was to take place with this 2011 vintage year ham to confirm its extraordinary quality. 


The LIMITED EDITION VINTAGE YEAR 2011 is a selection of forty-two hams from among the most extraordinary FISAN Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed Ibérico Hams, each one with its numbered label, cured throughout a total of fifty months in natural cellars with scarce light, scarce noise, much care and tremendous amounts of patience. Then, after more than four years of careful selection, this ham is consumed in delicate hand-carved slices, at a perfect temperature of 22ºC, perceiving a flavor, which as described by Ramon Freixa, comes pretty close to fine art. 


To bedeck these hams, FISAN has decided to encircle its GRAN RESERVA LIMITED EDITION in Villamayor stone, freestone that encompasses the greatest treasures to be found in Salamanca. We have created a box that perfectly imitates this material, manufactured with the latest technologies and printing materials. This is an effort that is only at the height of products that, just like our LIMITED EDITION VINTAGE YEAR 2011, are truly alluring. 




The hams from this year are fruit of a “montanera” (free-ranging period when the pigs eat acorns) that offered an abundance of fruits, which were quite large. The heavy rainfall in November and December also gave rise to meadowlands overflowing with tall and abundant grass that incites and favors the mobility of the pigs. Also, the cold months of December and January assured good conservation of the acorns right through to February and March, which facilitated full profiting of the fruit on the part of the pigs. 




• Vibrant, almost purplish in color, with brilliant and well-structured fat marbling throughout.


• Smooth flavor, reminiscent of nutmeats, with vegetable hues.


• Deep and fresh aroma.


• Balanced and powerful to the palate, with a sweet and persistent recollection.