Once having overcome the initial worry about the lack of rain, it now looks like the campaign may just be excellent.  

When the Montanera (free-range period in the meadowlands) corresponding to this campaign started at the beginning of the month of October of 2015, the forecast on the resulting quality was uncertain due to the lack of rainfall during the summer. There was a tremendous amount of acorns on the Holm oaks of the meadowlands that our Ibérico pigs were to occupy during the free-range period, yet these acorns were very small as they had not received enough water to reach a good point of development. Fortunately during the first few weeks of autumn and the beginning of November the rain arrived, incredibly necessary so that the acorns could reach a good size.

Since then our droves of pigs have been free-ranging under the Holm oaks, enjoying the abundance of acorns they find at their feet, as can be seen in the photographs that accompany this article. So now, at the beginning of January, three months have elapsed since the first Ibérico pigs were let out onto the meadowlands, hence the first acorn-fed pigs will be reaching our facilities in Guijuelo as of the coming week, thus starting the acorn-fed Ibérico pig slaughter period, which if it takes place under normal circumstances, will reach right into the month of March.

And then the countdown, overflowing with anticipated flavour, will be underway for lovers of fine campaign sausage meats. Do you remember what the necessary time periods are in order to try out this season’s new products? Click here to recall them