An extraordinary campaign awaits us if the weather conditions that have characterized this autumn continue as they have.  

The temperature and rain conditions in the regions of Extremadura and Andalusia, which is where our Ibérico pigs free-range, delayed the historical acorn campaign in more than a month during the past year –due to the quantity and quality of the fruits- as we already related in the post that closed off the campaign (link to the post).

It appears that this year’s campaign will also be a historical one. On the one part, the Holm Oaks are bearing a tremendous amount of acorns, as you can see in the main image of this piece of news. However, and also, this is the very best autumn that we can remember. The acorns actually started dropping, fully mature, towards the beginning of October (last year the free-range period started somewhere around November 20th); although there are still a humungous amount of acorns that are not ripe and that will ensure the absolute success of the free-range period.  

It is due to these circumstances that just before Christmas Eve the first acorn-fed Ibérico pigs will start to arrive at our facilities for their slaughtering. Thus we will be able to enjoy the first loins and sausage meats of this campaign several weeks in advance with regards to the 2014 campaign. In turn, if the climatology continues to grace us, as it is doing so far, it will once again be campaign sausage meat of an extraordinary quality.  

As soon as the first drift of Ibérico pigs that have been free-ranging on acorns reaches Guijuelo we will be able to confirm all these excellent forecasts.  

So, you have been fairly warned! This campaign’s acorn-fed Ibérico products will indeed have an irresistible flavour and aroma.