It may be difficult to believe, but not all has yet been written about Bread with Tomato and Ham.

Last week the first FISAN Contest for Bloggers in search of the best ‘Bread with Tomato and FISAN Acorn Fed Ham’ (Pa amb Tomàquet con Jamón de Bellota FISAN) took place at the Princesa Market in Barcelona. The winners and their creations, which we will introduce further on in this same article, gave a new flair to a combination that finds its origins dating back more than 2000 years in history.  

And this is so even though the tomato did not even make it to Europe until the end of the 16th Century, as its forerunner, Bread with Olive Oil and Salt, was a basic staple in the diet of Ancient Greece and, of course, in Ancient Rome. And among those Romans living more than twenty centuries ago hams cured in salt from Iberia already enjoyed great prestige and renown. It is not difficult to imagine that in those luxurious banquets it was already possible to enjoy one of the pillars of the Mediterranean Diet: bread with olive oil and Ibérico ham.  

The first written references made to bread with tomato do not appear until the end of the 19th Century, as despite being known, the tomato was not really incorporated into Spanish cuisine until the 18th Century. However…let’s leave the past behind and have a look at these new creations, which represent the latest revisitation of this classic of the Mediterranean culture.   

The winner, Silvia from delighted us with her creation of “Bread with Tomato in Two Textures with FISAN Acorn Fed Ham and Basil Aroma”. In her recipe, which you can see by following the previous link, the tomato caviar must be highlighted, as it represented the perfect complement to the classic flavor of rubbed tomato.  

Walking away with the second prize we have Virginia and Fran from They represent fusion and exoticism, as they give the Olive Oil an added touch of “Pimentón de la Vera” (paprika), oregano and Himalayan salt. They are after all the leading characters of a travel blog!  

Finally coming in third we have Erika Gómez from, who wanted us to reminisce with the precise original flavor. In her opinion the first bite represents 50% of the dish. And for that first bite to be fully unchanging she decided to make a Vine Tomato Carpaccio with a touch of Maldon Salt as the foundation for the FISAN Acorn Fed Ham.   

New culinary techniques, fusion cuisine, a revival of the essence… How would you revisit the #pantomateyFISAN? If you have an idea, please do post it on Instagram with the tag #pantomateyFISAN or send us a picture to along with your recipe and we will make it known to the public on the social media.