This splendid recipe by Ramón Freixa is the best possible inspiration to enjoy family time with FISAN Acorn Fed Sausage Meats.

Even though it may by now appear to be impossible, the traditional “tosta” (toasted bread) of Ibéricos still admits a diversity of ways for presentation that maximize flavours. In this case the main novelty of the “coca” (leavened bread) proposed by Freixa resides in combining all acorn fed Ibérico products in one same “tapa” in absolute balance. To achieve this all you need is a thin wafer of crunchy bread made with olive oil, along with some fine and delicate slices of diverse choice Ibérico sausage meats. Unifying the elegant flavours of the ham, loin, chorizo and salchichón we have romped around with a deliciously refreshing citric apple jelly; which honours this pairing with its own personality yet without being strident.  

However, let us not forget that this combination can have as many personalities as members are in your family. It is merely the inspiration to turn gastronomy into an activity that both the younger and older lot alike can enjoy, providing them with the opportunity to challenge their creativity. So, take advantage of one of these summer holiday afternoons at home (the upcoming long weekend is a perfect occasion) and get the little ones to help you in the kitchen.   

First of all we have to get going with the dough. Here below are the traditional ingredients used to make an olive oil “coca”, however, if you want to make it somewhat lighter then you can always reduce the amount of olive oil right down to a tablespoon. You will love the result just the same.  

500 g of wheat flour

20 g of Baker’s yeast

1/2 cup of olive oil

1 cup of water


Put a little bit of the warm water in a soup plate along with the oil and gently dissolve the yeast in it, adding a little salt (to taste) at the end. Then put the flour in a large bowl and make a well in the middle, to then add the water, oil and yeast mixture in one go. Stir up all the ingredients with a spoon and then knead the dough with your hands in the bowl itself. It will not take long for the dough to come together into a uniform mass with the ideal texture, which just beautifully holds together.  

Once the dough does not stick to your hands you can easily form a ball with it, after which you sprinkle it with a little bit more flour, leaving it in the bowl covered with a warm damp cloth (this will prevent a dry crust from forming on the dough). Now all you have to do is let the dough sit in a warm draft-free place until it doubles in size (approximately one hour).  

Once the dough has doubled in size the time for the second phase comes into play. This is when the imagination and creativity of the participants takes over. Divide the dough into as many pieces as there are diners and prepare a clean kitchen surface to roll out the dough with a rolling pin. Now each person participating can add their own personal touch: a few seeds of cumin, a touch of rosemary, maybe some pepper or a dash of oregano…  

Add these ingredients to the leavened dough and gently knead it and give it whatever shape you like (round, square, elongated, …) with a thickness standing between 3 and 5 millimetres, rolling it out on a floured surface. Then let the rolled dough rest another 10 minutes and then pop it in a 200º C oven for 15 minutes, and there you have it, your own personalized “cocas” all ready to go.  

Now, get a large tray ready and fill it up with sliced FISAN Acorn Fed Ham, Loin, Chorizo and Salchichón. Let the tray stand at room temperature until serving time. Now is the time (if you haven’t done so already) to get all your condiments ready. Tiny concasse small diced tomato cubes, finely diced pickles, vinegar chillies, chives, … ask what each one prefers and get them to help you prepare their suggestions, as this way when the food reaches the table everybody will have had their opportunity to show off their kitchen wisdom.  

Then with the “cocas”, the acorn fed sausage meats, the condiments and lots of imagination, all you have to do is sit down at the table and enjoy the moment, combining all the flavours you have imagined with our traditional “coca”. Each diner will find the perfect way to prepare their dish. Some will put the sausage meats on the bread while it is still hot so that the delicious fat will melt into the bread and create a delicious savoury bite. Others will prepare a monographic of chorizo, or loin, or ham. It doesn’t really matter. These are only a few of our suggestions, but there is room for many many more.  

Even so, do allow us to tell you about our own preferences at home, as perhaps they may serve as inspiration…  

The hot and spicy “coca”: oregano in the dough and "only" FISAN Acorn Fed Chorizo topping the piping hot “coca” with a few green vinegar chillies sliced into rounds.  

The classic “coca”: a few cumin seeds in the dough and all the acorn fed sausage meats forming a mosaic like double layer of colour on the “coca”.   

The sweet “coca”: a touch of tomato jam on a bed of pickle relish, topped with FISAN Acorn Fed Ham and Loin.  

The Ham “Coca”: nothing at all, just the dough, with nothing but pure FISAN Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham at the perfect temperature so that its fat turns gorgeously translucent.  

And don’t forget, if you have a try at this with your own combinations, please send us a photograph and we will publish it. We await your ideas!!!