Served cold or warm, this recipe revolutionises our image of a classic product such as the FISAN Ibérico Presa (tender cut of Ibérico pig, between the shoulder and loin).

As is, or even by simplifying it, this recipe opens up a wonderful range of new possibilities, and not only for the FISAN Ibérico Presa, but indeed for many other fine cuts of the Ibérico pig. The secret resides in the brine pickling, through which our raw material acquires a series of different flavours and textures that are quite different from those that we are used to.

This time and given its complexity we are going to exactly detail the recipe in as far as amounts and the process is concerned. If you don’t want to get all involved with the spherification process or if you want to use your own pickling recipe, then of course there is no problem whatsoever. Use this recipe as a mere reference in as far as the preparation goes and then, simply, enjoy the result. Even the easiest of pickling techniques contribute innovation in as far as flavour and texture goes.


For pickling:

FISAN Ibérico Presa, 200g piece
1 Onion
Cherries, 300g
Modena Balsamic Vinegar, 170 g
Red Wine, 170g
Water, 410g
Salt, pink peppercorns and oil
Cherry spherification
Cherry purée with Algin and Citras
Combination of calcium salt and water


Pickling brine

Put a dash of oil in a pot, season the Ibérico presa with salt and pepper and sear it on all sides in the hot pot. Remove it from the pot and put aside. Then add the chopped onion and pink peppercorns to the pot. Add the red wine and let all of it reduce down. Once the wine has reduced, add Modena balsamic vinegar, the pitted cherries and water and let it all boil for 10 minutes.

Once the 10 minutes have elapsed, put the presa back in the pot and let it all boil with the pickling brine for another minute. Remove the pot from the heat and let it rest untouched for 12 hours.

After the 12 hours have elapsed remove the presa from the pickling brine. To finish off the dish remove all the peppercorns (so that it will not be too strong-flavoured) and purée everything else in a blender. Pour the mixture through a fine sieve. Put it aside in a cool place.


With a spoon make spheres with the cherry, Algin and Citras purée. Carefully place them in the water with the Calcium salt and leave them there for 2 minutes and then take them out and put them in a bowl with cold water. They are now ready to be used. The amounts of Calcium Salt, Algin and Citras must be exact. All the instructions are detailed on each one of their packages.

Assembling the dish:

Take a soup plate and put a teardrop of pickling sauce on the bottom. Then place the sliced Ibérico Presa on top and decorate it with the cherry spheres. The oil dust and a touch of green sprouts puts the finishing touches on the dish.

Both the flavour and texture of this pickled FISAN Ibérico Presa are extraordinary. Hence the reason why we can categorically say that this dish will still be fabulous if you replace the cherries and the spherification process with carrots, garlic,… simply use the traditional ingredients of your favourite pickling recipe and dress up the dish anyway you like. At any rate, at some point we all have to roll up our sleeves and undertake the techniques that the best Spanish chefs are applying to this century’s cuisine. Could there possibly be a better excuse to try out the spheres than with this amazing pickled dish?