Meatballs made with Morucha Veal and FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Pork is a classic of Spanish cuisine. In Guijuelo we have the privilege of preparing this dish with two of the best beef and pork breeds to be found in the world. Morucha Veal and Acorn-Fed Ibérico Pork.  

The Morucha is a breed of cattle that free-ranges all year long in the meadows of our province of Salamanca and which is well known for its fierceness and fighting spirit, both in its nature and in its flavour. In the case of the acorn-fed Ibérico pig, what can we say…this time we are in search of its flavour and mellowness.  

The process involved to prepare these FISAN style meatballs is exactly the same as we have always employed at home. In our case the basic combination, apart from the different meats, includes garlic, parsley, day-old bread soaked in milk, salt, pepper and a few crushed (not ground) cumin seeds. Herbs and spices are added in moderate amounts so that they will not mask the flavours of the meat. And as has always been done, all the ingredients are put into a bowl and combined until they take on a consistent texture.  

The secret to these meatballs resides in the type of meat that is used. In the case of the Morucha Veal we will ask our butcher to prepare ½ kg of ground rib roast. This is the tastiest part of the Morucha and its proportion of fat is perfect for this recipe (and on top of that the price of the cut is more than reasonable). This is also the case of the acorn-fed Ibérico loin collar, with a good price, extraordinary flavour and smooth mellowness thanks to the fat it accumulates during its free-ranging forages through the meadows. We will ask the butcher to grind up the same amount of acorn-fed Ibérico pork and Morucha veal, as that is the proportion to be used for this dish.  

Once all the ingredients have been combined, we let it rest for 20 minutes, then shaping the mixture into meatballs. We then lightly coat the meatballs in flour and brown them in a frying pan with some hot oil for about 3 minutes to seal in the juices.  

The result is a fabulous platter of the leading stars of quite a number of dishes: cooked in Spanish sauce with home-made fried potatoes, just like we have always made them, or in a spring inspired garden style sauce or just the way they are in the photograph, an impressive platter of spaghetti and meatballs in tomato sauce. A classic for Sunday Italian “Mamma” style family meals.  

Mamma mia che meraviglia!