As in the past edition, our stand at MF17 has distinguished itself because of a very special flavour: the flavour of solidarity.

During the three days that we were present at Asisa Madrid Fusión 2017, at FISAN we once again for the second consecutive year put under way an initiative that overflows with solidarity and the flavour of the best Spanish gastronomy. We invited illustrious chefs to visit our stand and to sign a chef’s jacket leaving behind their message of solidarity so as to collaborate with the financing of a new line of research on the causes behind the development of Diabetes mellitus type 1 in children and youths, this at the IBSAL (Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Salamanca). This space is dedicated to developing research in synergy with clinical and basic groups.

The response we obtained from our chefs was nothing short of impressive. Earnestness, collaboration and above all, a smile, while they all came together to lend a hand to achieve this important goal. Thus, today that our solidarity jacket is barely a few days away from being auctioned, we want to express our appreciation to all those that have made it possible. And likewise remind all our followers that next week you will enjoy the chance to put your bids on the jacket.

Thank you Bárbara Amorós, thank you María José San Román, thank you Oriol Castro, thank you Diego Gavira, thank you Joaquín Felipe Peira, thank you Óscar Cruz, thank you Rubén Pertusa, thank you Mario Sandoval, thank you Luca Rodi, thank you Sacha Hormaechea, thank you Diego Gallegos, thank you Ramon Freixa, thank you Manolo de la Osa, thank you Alejandro Platero, thank you Martín Berasategui, thank you José Carlos Fuentes, thank you Manuel Alonso, thank you Héctor Cancho, thank you Ricard Camarena, thank you Sandro Silva, thank you Javier Brichetto, thank you Susi Díaz...THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL! WE’LL SOON LET YOU KNOW THE RESULTS! 😉