The sweet and refreshing flavor of fruit combines to perfection with the flavor of FISAN Acorn Fed Ham and Sausage Products.  

Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and light, balanced and refreshing dinners: that is what our body wants in the summer, in particular on days as hot as the ones we are experiencing, and that is precisely what the combination of fruit and Acorn Fed Ham or Sausages offers us. The combination of sweet and savory, the cool texture of the fruit with the mild temperature of the sausage or ham are sensations completely unlike the usual ones and especially adequate for this fiery season.  

Ranking from the classic FISAN Acorn Fed Ham with Melon (or your own revisited recipe), with Pineapple or with Mango and right through to the most surprising of combinations, such as watermelon, strawberry, cherry, pear…all appealing, all nourishing and all refreshing. And when it comes to presentation, the sky is the limit! On trays, in salads, in skewers… and on and on.  

However, today, apart from the many possibilities that are open to us with FISAN Acorn Fed Ham and fruit, we also want to open up a whole new world of unknown combinations, FISAN Acorn Fed Sausage Meats with Fruit.  

Let’s start with a rather surprising example, “El Limón Bejarano” (The Lemon from Béjar). This is a typical summer salad made in Béjar (town that is located at less than 20 km from Guijuelo and in the very heart of the Béjar Sierra). It is a cold salad based on lemons and oranges thinly sliced, to which some finely diced garlic is added and Ibérico Chorizo or FISAN Acorn Fed Ibérica Longaniza in slices or cubed. All of it dressed with olive oil, salt, vinegar to taste and if one is so inclined, a hard boiled egg, capers, lettuce, onion or cucumber. The foundation of oranges, lemon, garlic and chorizo is literally an invitation for each one of us to add the elements that only the imagination can hamper and with results that are invariably interesting.  

Let us now continue with another combination in which the surprise that awaits us resides in the reversal of the usual temperatures. FISAN Acorn Fed Ibérico Loin served almost cold (at about 10ºC) and presented with hot fruit…grilled natural pineapple or fried apple chips, banana fritters…we guarantee that the kids will love it and this way they can enjoy their daily ration of fruit with a smile.  

Finally, if you already prepare fruit based gazpacho or salmorejo at home (the more usual fruits are watermelon or strawberry), then you have quite likely tried to add a few shavings of FISAN Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham. Do not hesitate and go for it, explore new possibilities, replace the ham with any Ibérico sausage meat, finely sliced into rounds or strips. Any which way, it all works.  

The sweet and refreshing world of fruit combined with the intense flavor of FISAN Ibérico products is practically unlimited. As always, if you have a favorite combination or an unusual pairing please send it to us at We will of course publish it in this article and share it on the social media.