Intense spring flavours with a unique touch of freshness

At FISAN we would like to propose that you also enjoy the springtime in your kitchen. Fresh flowers, overwhelming in splendour this month, provide rich and surprising aromas to very very simple preparations. This tapa that we offer today of FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham with Mango and Chive Flowers is a fine example of this simplicity.  


1 perfect Mango, taking care that it is not overripe

150 g of FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham

Chive Flowers


Slice cubes of mango in Carré to a size of between 1 and 2 cm. Put them in the fridge for later use. The mango should not be overripe as we do not want an excess of sweetness that would dominate the other flavours. Apart from being in search of a perfect point of sweetness, we also want to obtain the aromas that the fruit offers when it is at its perfect point of ripeness.    

Now slice the ham Parmentier style at two thirds of the size of the mango cubes. Ideally the cubes of FISAN Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham will be beautifully marbled, although the recipe will also work with the classic lean and darker “cubes” of ham that are found in the area closest to the bone. Keep the cubes of ham at room temperature.  

Prepare the Chive flowers by separating each one of its petals from the green inflorescence, where the flavours are excessively intense.  

Alternately arrange the ham and mango cubes on toothpicks or small skewers. It is important that the temperature difference between the mango and ham be clearly distinguished in mouth, offering us a cool/temperate contrast, therefore this part of the preparation should be quickly executed. Finally, place three or four Chive flowers on each tapa and serve immediately. It is important that the tapa not be covered in flowers, as we do not want the flavour of the flowers to overpower the rest of the tapa.  


Since it is not always easy to find the flowers that we want to use in our cooking, we would also like to offer a few suggestions that can be used as an alternative. None of them will have the exact same effect as the Chive, although all of them offer a very personal touch of flavour and freshness that will turn each combination into a tapa that is slightly different from what we are used to.  

Our recommendation in as far as alternative flowers go is as follows: Rosemary flowers, Peppermint flowers or Oregano flowers (remember to always remove the green inflorescence that contains the flowers).  

You can also try out this recipe with freshly cut herbs sliced into a fine Julienne. We have prepared this tapa with Spearmint and we find that a surprising effect is achieved with just a few fresh herbs.  

On our part we will continue to take pleasure in this overflowing spring of exuberant flavours that nature is offering us.